Restaurant Cortona La Bucaccia

Cheese-making school

Cheese-making and tasting in Cortona


Cheese holds a very special spot at restaurant La Bucaccia. Romano is a cheese lover and expert; for this reason, every year, in the laboratory located in Vicolo Cattani, he holds the Cheese & Cooking School on Tuscan where you will be able to gain a fascinating insight into the secrets of cheese-making, from the selection of milk through to its preparation and maturation and the best pairings. Classes focus on the making of a variety of cheeses including Pecorino, Ricotta, Raveggiolo and many others. The menu features a wide selection of Tuscan raw milk, fresh and matured pecorino cheeses, both aromatized and seasoned with all sorts of spices. Some cheeses, including the “Noci di latte” (mozzarella-like cheese made from sheep’s milk and vegetable curd or lemon), the “Stracciata del pastore” (sheep’s milk flakes scented with flowers), the milk “Mille (V)foglie” in three different flavours and the “Fiori ripieni di Raveggiolo” with wild herbs are made in-house and presented at the table.

La Bucaccia, first place on top 10 popular restaurants in Italy