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Local traditional cuisine in Cortona | Restaurant La Bucaccia, Tuscan recipes

The Cortonese culinary tradition

Cortona on the table

A perfect balance between tradition and research of quality typical products is the basis of the dishes served at Restaurant La Bucaccia, in Cortona. Our cuisine is inspired by the territory and the farm-to-table philosophy, which means having genuine and seasonal ingredients. Romano Magi, owner of the restaurant, personally selects all the ingredients that are used to prepare the dishes served to his clients.

From the best producers of ancient grains in Valdichiana and Valdorcia for the selection of the best flours to the choice of eggs to make fresh pasta and high-quality meat, Romano carefully assesses each product in full respect of tradition. « My secret – reveals the restaurateur - is maintaining a genuine and simple cuisine. You can never go wrong with classic recipes as long as you know how to cook them. But my customers know that at Restaurant La Bucaccia they will find only carefully prepared dishes.

Local traditional cuisine in Cortona | Restaurant La Bucaccia, Tuscan recipes
Local traditional cuisine in Cortona | Restaurant La Bucaccia, Tuscan recipes


The kingdom of Km0

That is why my restaurant proposes each time a menu that is based on the ease of sourcing fresh ingredients to prepare the best dishes of the local traditional cuisine, with reference to Cortona and the surrounding areas. Specialties like GPI Chianina beef and cinta senese pork become thus bot excellent main courses and flavorful cold cuts to be served as starters.

Our meat, in particular, thanks to an accurate selection of cuts and perfect cooking, is always soft, succulent, tasty and easy to digest. It is the queen of our cuisine and, apart from being grilled, it is delicious if served raw as a tartare. According to this preparation, high-quality meat coming from safe livestock with an along maturation, massaged and knife cut.

Homemade pasta and selected ingredients

The real typical cuisine

Homemade fresh pasta is another pride of restaurant La Bucaccia as it is prepared following traditional recipes and special processes. Successful dishes of our cuisine are Bringoli in pecorino wheel, Ravioli made with chestnut flour, Tagliolini with mushrooms, Quadrotti with truffle and Nastrine of the Bucaccia.

But there are many other dishes and products, which are specifically chosen to represent our territory, that our clients are invited to try. Among these we would like to recommend, in particular, a large selection of local pecorino cheese, PDO extra-virgin olive oil and hand-sliced specialties such as lemon salami or ham salami, sella, capocollo, finocchiona and fiocco di prosciutto.

Local traditional cuisine in Cortona | Restaurant La Bucaccia, Tuscan recipes
Local traditional cuisine in Cortona | Restaurant La Bucaccia, Tuscan recipes


Menu à la carte

The à la carte menu of Restaurant La Bucaccia offers thus the possibility to taste Cortonese local dishes and recipes that are icons of the well renowned Tuscan cuisine with a contemporary twist according to the seasonality of ingredients. This also applies to our wine list that is constantly updated and includes over 500 selected labels among the best national wineries, giving preference to local and Tuscan producers.

Tourists who come to Cortona and stop at La Bucaccia to relish the traditional local cuisine will certainly have good memories of this restaurant, where regular clients keep coming back to be pleasantly surprised every time by our specials.

In addition to the a la carte menu, always updated to guarantee the freshness of seasonal ingredients, we also offer some tasting menus.

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