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Traditional Tuscan restaurant, La Bucaccia Cortona | Tuscan cuisine
Traditional Tuscan restaurant, La Bucaccia Cortona | Tuscan cuisine

La Bucaccia

The perfect place to relish the authentic local cuisine

Characteristic and nicely decorated, La Bucaccia is the perfect restaurant to relish, in Cortona, local traditional dishes. The owner and restaurateur, Romano Magi, is a real enthusiast of the typical cuisine of Arezzo and Tuscany in general and is always ready to welcome and entertain guests with his best smile and great cordiality.

We love having friends who meet at our restaurant – Romano explains to his guests - to spend lovely evenings together chatting and eating excellent food that makes them feel good and warm their heart just looking at it. Here at Restaurant La Bucaccia we try to promote the beauty and pleasure of fellowship, conviviality and empathy.

Romano Magi

La Bucaccia | Romano Magi
Traditional Tuscan restaurant, La Bucaccia Cortona | Tuscan cuisine


Palazzo Cattani

Restaurant La Bucaccia is housed in beautiful Palazzo Cattani, a historic palace built in the 13th century situated in via Ghibellina, very close to the center of one of the most picturesque medieval towns in Tuscany, Cortona, within the province of Arezzo. Once you step through the doors of the restaurant you are immediately welcomed by a warm and cozy ambiance that characterizes the restaurant halls embellished by exposed-stone walls, ceilings with wooden beams and old stone floors.

The restaurant is the result of long and attentive renovation and preservative refurbishment of the basement rooms of Palazzo Cattani. Here you can still admire a double-room cistern that was used as rainwater collection well and has been turned now into a wine cellar.


A unique atmosphere

Guests can take a seat in one of the two internal dining rooms, which can seat about 30 people, to enjoy their lunch or dinner. Each one of the rooms is characterised by a piece of history of this noble building and of the town of Cortona, such as the old counter at the entrance, a historical relic that belonged to the old theater of Cortona, the tank and authentic grape press, which are part of the furnishings.

Tables in the bigger room are placed one near the other but in a way to preserve your privacy. The same cozy atmosphere pervades the smaller room, which can seat up to 6 people. However, during the springtime and summertime, restaurant La Bucaccia gives the chance to seat al fresco in a lovely outdoor dining area furbished with a few tables on a panoramic terrace that overlooks the street and from where one can enjoy a view of the old town and the Valdichiana valley. This is simply the perfect place for a romantic dinner or a special lunch.

Traditional Tuscan restaurant, La Bucaccia Cortona | Tuscan cuisine

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